Vetworks Vision

Peoples’ lives in balance with the wellbeing of animals and the environment

Vetworks Mission

Combining veterinary science with good development practice to improve the lives of vulnerable people and animals

The Principles that inform our work are:

  • Flexible and cost-efficient structure

    We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to be responsive to opportunities that align with our vision and mission. We purposefully operate a low-overhead structure that is very cost-efficient, for example we have chosen not to have fixed offices with rent/overhead obligations, and have no full time staff.

  • Collaborative and open

    We seek to collaborate where possible and openly share our knowledge and learning.

  • Forward thinking and continually learning

    We anticipate the issues that will have a big impact on those we work with, and we participate in learning events and activities to ensure our knowledge and expertise remains up to date and relevant.

  • Responsible stewardship of resources

    We maintain a reasonable reserve but actively seek to disperse any surplus funds in line with our mission and values; we seek to use our resources economically and maximise the benefit to the end-user.

  • Commitment to technical excellence and best practice

    Our directors, consultants and staff are committed to technical excellence, and implementing best practice solutions.

Strategic Framework 2014-2017

Framework Plan

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